Even if the language is relatively mature and stable, there are probably still a lot of bugs and a lot to do.
There may also be major changes.


It is expressly pointed out that you use it at your own risk and any liability is excluded!
By downloading and using, you agree this and also the rules of GPLv3 and LGPLv3.


Type File Checksum
Debian package (DEB) jmo_0.17.0_all.deb SHA256
RPM package jmo-0.17.0-1.noarch.rpm SHA256
Tar archive JMo_Linux_0.17.0.tar.gz SHA256



Type File Checksum
Zip archive JMo_0.17.0.zip SHA256
Please read the included ReadMe file.



Type File Checksum
JM° Core only (JAR) JMo-Core_0.17.0.zip SHA256
JM°-IDE-Light (JAR) JMo-IDE-Light_JAR_0.17.0.zip SHA256
Please read the included ReadMe file.