All magic constants starts with an underscore, following a capital letter.


Magic Const.AlternativesContains
_JMO   Handle to the JM°-Environment
_APP   Handle to the current application
_ARGS _APP.args List with the start-arguments
_FUNC   Handle to the current function
_LOOP   Handle to the current loop (Counter, each, times, ...)
_BLOCK   Handle to the block of the current function
_STREAM   Handle to the stream of the current function



Magic Const.ShortSignsContains
_ITB _IT % Object of the current block
_ITE   $$ Current processed Object of each-function
_ITS   $ Current stream object
_THIS   ° The surrounding object-instance



Magic Const.Contains
_FILE File of the current processed line
_LINE Number of the current prossed line
_DEBUG Helper, for debugging JM°