JM° ("Jaymo") - Einfach skripten!

JM° ist eine sehr schlanke Skript-Sprache für die Java-VM.
Durch den einfachen Aufbau lassen sich kleine Skripte und einfache Anwendungen schnell umsetzen.

Hallo Welt!

"Hallo Welt!".print

Verkettung von Funktionen:


Grafische Swing-Anwendung:

main = SwingMain.size(400, 300).title("Test")
main.add( SwingLabel("Hallo").align(_CENTER) )



Version 0.13.0 released! New: .proc and .tee with VarLet.

Version 0.12.1 released! New functions for 'Table' and bugfix for Windows-Console.

Version 0.12 released! Now with direct access to Java-Objects!

Version 0.11 released! This is a really huge update! Please take a look at the changelog. Have fun!

Version 0.10 released! Now JM° has functional capabilitys!

Version 0.9 released with major improvements.
Now a webstart-demo is ready to use.

New Website-Template

Many changes have been done. Now the download-file is a zip, containing start-files too.

Today I fixed a big bug, so Quicksort now works correctly.
Now its time to improve the documentation and integrate some new features. 🙂

JM° is now OpenSource.
Sources are here:
You can download the JAR under Download
Website is now transfered to another hosting.

Now the new website is online.
Welcome to the new homebase of JM°.